The 2020 pandemic brought on two waves, one of misinformation & apathy, and another of mass mobilization & debureaucratization that paved the way for hundreds of millions of people to be vaccinated using novel vaccine technologies.

All in all, this taught us two key lessons:

  • The next generation of scientists, clinicians, and bioengineers need to be ever more flexible, open-minded, and critical.
  • Massive leaps in biotechnology are propelled by teams of scientists who develop technologies AND are willing to bring them to market through their own companies.

  • BioDojo is a community that aims to continuously expose its members to new perspectives and disciplines, as well as directly provide biotechnology industry opportunities. These are two aspects that we feel are currently lacking from existing university STEM clubs.

    Regardless of a member’s ambition (ie. biomedical research, bioengineering, computational research), we believe that it is critical for them to be at least exposed to 3 items:

      1. Three critical frameworks needed when innovating in research and engineering

    • Research: Hypothesis generation, scientific literacy, experimental design, clinical trials, bioinformatics

    • Engineering: Computational modeling, optimization, scalability, standardized parts

    • Selling: authenticity, brevity, selecting pathos vs ethos vs logos, understanding how to pitch to venture capitalists, commercialization of products, securing patents

      2. Current and future landscape of biotechnology and biomedical research

    • Existing barriers to progress

    • Understanding the fundamentals of different disciplines of study that are set to impact stakeholders in life sciences research (ex. patients, researchers, clinicians)

      3. A like-minded and diverse pool of young people who are proactive in their respective research discipline and/or are actively engaged in a research project

    • An environment where a student in a machine learning lab can interact and learn from a student in a developmental immunology lab, and vice versa

    We founded BioDojo on the belief that this next generation of scientists and bioengineers should be empowered to get a head start if they are proactively seeking one. In this case, a head start comes in the form of lessons that scientists have expressed to us would make students more versatile, critical, and valuable in the lab and beyond.

    We are placing student researchers, student VCs, and student founders in the same. Long term, the goal is to build BioDojo into a PayPal mafia-like alumni network: an environment ripe for creating future biotech startups.

    How we accomplish our mission:

    • Lower the barriers to entry for high-potential life sciences undergraduates to join early and mid-stage biotech startups as technical roles.

    • Expose students to adjacent high-impact areas of biology and provide actionable ways to get involved or collaborate with someone in the field.

    • Foster a generational network of biological problem solvers that can lead to high-impact collaborations and projects.